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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Chinese War Refugees in NZ. For tickets email:
A link to the papers of the Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons Conference
A new book on the Joe Ah Chan history is being written by Wesley Ah Chan. Publishing hopefully by the
Willie Chan Lee.
HAR GEE CHANS IN NEW ZEALAND The history of the Chans from Har Gee in New Zealand began with the
Lives in Sydney President (2003-2012) Chinese Heritage Association of Australia
Dentist in Ellerslie, Auckland
Sue Gee became involved in recording oral history in 2005 as a member of the Chinese NZ Oral History Foundation.
Har Gee Chans in New Zealand.
Memories of Chinese community of Auckland
NZCA Youth Leadership Development Camp.
    When Kai Luey became National President in 2005 and earlier, I he was strongly advocating that NZCA should hold
NZ Olympic logo 2008.
 In January 2008, the Chef de Mission of the New Zealand Olympic Team for Beijing, Dave Currie, asked Kai Luey,
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