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Wailin Wong Elliott nee Hing 黃 惠 蓮

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My autobiography


After mother died Oct 1943 I was taken away from Kindergarten in Eden St and sent to school as there was nobody at home to look after me. Miss Moore was my first form teacher. I also started Sunday school about the same time. After Newmarket School I went to Normal Intermediate in Disraeli  St  Mt Eden for 2 yrs then on to EGGS where I made a lot of longlasting friendships and was extremely happy. EGGS enriched my life and I was sorry when my school days ended after the 6th form after I was accredited with UE. Father was adamamt I was not to become a teacher and thus there was no need to go to University. I was at a loss to know what to do once I left school as there was nothing I was particularly interested in as a career. In desperation rather than work in father's shop I followed my sister Ehlin in taking a secretarial course doing shorthand and typing at Smiths Business College in Yates building at the bottom of Albert St. We went there for half a day and the rest of the day was supposed to be spent doing homework. I spent quite a bit of the half day helping out in my fathers fruit shop which I loathed.Any job would be preferable to working in the shop. I had wanted to be an occupational therapist but this would have meant waiting two years till I was old enough to start training and I needed to fill in my time somehow.

My first job as a receptionist typist was with the Adult Education in Princes St next to the old Synagogue.There was scope here in this job to indulge my interest in crafts. Here I learnt to weave, make baskets and pot. In 1962 I left Ad. Ed. and moved into the Law Department farther along the road at 21 Princes Street and became secretary to Prof Northey, dean of the Law School. In 1965  I was granted a Queen Elizabeth Arts Council Grant to pot with Helen Mason in Carterton and Barry Brickell in Coromandel. In the same year I left University and became a Matron's Assistant at the Mt Wellington Residential School for Emotionally Disturbed Children before moving on to the Homai School for the Blind at Manurewa. After a stint as receptionist at Lopdell House in Titirangi I left to become a full time potter and work in NZ's first craft market in Durham Lane in the city. Brown's Mill opened Fridays and Saturdays only. The rest of the week we worked at our craft.

I married Tom Elliott of County Durham in 1971 and in 1973 we moved to Coromandel where we now live and work

Wailin and Tom have two children, Lydia and Joshua and a granddaughter.

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Wailin Wong Elliott nee Hing 黃 惠 蓮

Categories:Family History and Family Stories
Family name:Wong Elliot
Given names:Wailin
Previous names:Hing
Clan name:Wong
Ancestral village:Barn Mei En
District of origin:Zhongshan
Date of birth: Mar 1938
Place of birth:Newmarket, Auckland,NZ
Nationality:New Zealand
Name of spouse:Tom Elliott
Date of marriage:17 Nov 1971
Place of marriage:Auckland
Names of children:Lydia, Joshua
Last known residence:Coromandel
Name of father:William Hing (wong Jook)
Name of mother:Leung Ei Jun
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