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Headstone - Mangere Cemetery.
AH YEM LOWE husband to Lowe Chung She, father of Violet Lau
Headstone - Mangere Cemetery.
LOWE CHUNG SHE wife of Ah Yem Lowe, dedicated mother of Violet Lau (burried further north in a newer plot). 
Taishan also called Toishan (Chinese: 台山; pinyin: Táishān; Jyutping: toi4 saan1; Taishanese: Hoisan [hɔ̀isān]) is a coastal county-level city in southern Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China.
Sun Wui.
Xinhui (Chinese: 新会), also known as Kuixiang (Chinese: 葵乡), is a city district in the City of Jiangmen in the province of Guangdong in southern China. Xinhui people are part
Chung Shan is a historical alternative spelling of "Zhongshan" Chung Shan" is a transliteration of 中山.
Hoiping Map.
Hoiping / Kaiping 
My Mother and I.
Jan Lay Jung, wife of Chan Young Fan, (Stanley Young Chan)  -Taken in China 1936, before emigrating to Auckland in 1939.
To Grow Roots Where They Land.
Over 40 Refugees joined us on the day
Au Yeong Kam Choon.
Zengcheng - Market gardener Panmure 1960s, Kumeu 1970s. Brother in law to Chan Sheen Chong, Manaia, South Taranaki.