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Mangere Cemetery --Memorial Headstones.
In December Shantytown will launch the first book to tell the story of Chinese endeavour on the West Coast of South Island, New Zealand.
  Yue Henry Jackson was born in Roxburgh, Otago to a Chinese father and a Scottish mother, Mary Ferguson, from Aberdeen. In 1890, five years after the death of her
A story about the old Chinese custom of bound feet. Written by Avondale College's Wanyi (Annie) Zhou, a finalist in the senior category of Auckland City Libraries' Our Stories Secondary
Chinese Return Home
Mangere Lawn Cemetery and Crematorium 1894 – This cemetery at 85 McKenzie Road, Mangere is managed by the Mangere Lawn Cemetery Trust Board.
Remaining legible Poll Tax payer records for the period 1888 to 1930, collected at the Port of Wellington.
19th & 20th Century History of Chinese Settlement in Auckland: a selective annotated bibliography of resources by Cynthia Wu.