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Brother of William Wong and George Wong, Dunedin.
When Trevor Agnew married Jenny Sew Hoy, he gained a small army of new uncles and aunts Wongs and Sew Hoys. As Anzac Day approaches, he reflects on the achievements
AH KEW - HENRY - AUCKLAND - NZ- 1900 - 1966
My autobiography
My family story
Eva Wong Ng
William Hing aka Wong Gum Jook
Tien Sum - birth place of Ng Wah Kum
Last week I went to Charlie Wong’s funeral. I have known Charlie for as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until he died that I found out
A local history article about the New Zealand Chinese living in Auckland's central isthmus in 1921 and 1945. By Auckland City Libraries' local history librarian, David Verran.