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An article about the local community in Mt Albert helping a Chinese man to return to NZ from China in 1911 when there were discriminatory legislation on Chinese.
In the mountain's shadow : a century of Chinese in Taranaki 1870 to 1970 Helen Wong.
Louis Kitt was a prominent Chinese person in Wellington, before retiring to Manaia
Guangdong has 98 counties
Southern Canton
Sze Yup, Sze Yap, Seiyap (Chinese: 四邑; pinyin: Sì Yì; Cantonese Yale: Sei3 yap1; literally "four counties") refers to the four former counties of Xinhui, Taishan, Kaiping and Enping in
Panyu District or Pun Yue District (simplified Chinese: wikt:番禺区; traditional Chinese: wikt:番禺區; Mandarin Pinyin: Pānyú;; Jyutping: Pun1 Jyu4) is a district in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. It used to be a
Zhongshan is situated in the Pearl River Delta Region of Guangdong Province, it is geographically connected with Guangzhou on the north
Compilation of Chinese buried in Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. Public Division A 1887 - 1991. Information held at Auckland Public Library - ( Compiled by Helen Wong 2008)
Ehlin's story