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A film documentary about the intriguing and influential life story of Sue Shee.
JACKSON, Mr Henry Ah Hee  (later known as Henry Yue Jackson) b. 15.7.1881 Roxburgh, NZ. w(1) Olive Beatrice Stokes b.(?)  m.1907  d.circa 1909 w(2) Ada Waterhouse b.(?)  m. 29.9.1913  d.
Aliens Naturalised in Wellington to 1899
Hutt sister-in-law centenarians celebrate together
Ex-Gwa Leng villager Dr Edmon Wong is an eminent former scientist who has researched on plant and food biochemistry in New Zealand, the USA and Germany. He came to join
黃 Wong Village in Zengcheng
The Shum village of Cheung Dai Chuen on Zengcheng is to be torn down.
Waikumete Cemetery and Crematorium covers an area of 108 hectares and since 1908 has served as the main cemetery for the Auckland Region. It is the largest cemetery in New