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Shipping List - Refugee Chinese women and children, with some men folk, arrival to Auckland and Suva, via Sydney. Compiled From paper records held at the Auckland Archives - compiled
Chinese passengers Sydney to Auckland 1940. These include wives and children admitted as war refugees and men. Compiled from paper records Auckland Archives. Compiled by Bev Lowe.
Mr W Ah Chee
Chinese War Refugees
Maori TV will premiere a documentary of the sinking of SS Ventnor in 1902. The cargo includes the bodies of 499 Chinese miners heading back home.
A war survivor and POW camp baby, Christina McTaggart-Tie Kim Nyong, 66, continues to research and spread the word about the Bahau POW camp in Malaysia during WWII. Jo Lo
Chinese War Refugee
To Grow Roots Where They Land - Attendee
Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Chinese War Refugees in NZ. For tickets email: