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Shipping List - Refugee Chinese women and children, with some men folk, arrival to Auckland and Suva, via Sydney. Compiled From paper records held at the Auckland Archives - compiled
Chinese Passengers / Shipping List Sydney to Auckland on SS Marama 22 October 1929.   Compiled from paper records at Auckland Archives.                  
Chinese Passengers / Shipping List on SS Maheno Sydney 29 June 1928 to Auckland 3 July 1928.   Compiled from Paper Records at Auckland Archives.            
Chinese passengers Sydney to Auckland 1940. These include wives and children admitted as war refugees and men. Compiled from paper records Auckland Archives. Compiled by Bev Lowe.
Chinese Passengers / Shipping Lists incoming to Auckland 1930.  Compiled from paper records at Auckland Archives                            SS
The first arrived in New Zealand between 1938 to 1941. This was the period where many women and children arrived to join their men folk here. Life was difficult for
Herbert Wong's account of the journey he took as a young child, from his war-torn Chinese hometown to settle in New Zealand. The story was submitted to the NZCA Short
The term "diaspora" is defined as the migration or scattering of people away from their ancestral homelands.
The first Chinese market gardens were recorded in 1866
If you want to know more about Chinese communities in New Zealand and around the world, Lynn Pan's book is worth checking out