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Photo showing the Chinese Market Gardeners in Auckland
Percy Chew Lee has the distinction of being New Zealand's first licensed Chinese trainer.Born in Tup Gon village, Canton, China in 1911, Percy's family emigrated to NZ shortly after. Percy
Proficiently bilingual in both Chinese and English, relatively self educated, played an important role in the liason between the Chinese Market Gardeners and the NZ Government in providing produce during
Louis Kitt was a prominent Chinese person in Wellington, before retiring to Manaia
Ehlin's story
A film documentary about the intriguing and influential life story of Sue Shee.
JACKSON, Mr Henry Ah Hee  (later known as Henry Yue Jackson) b. 15.7.1881 Roxburgh, NZ. w(1) Olive Beatrice Stokes b.(?)  m.1907  d.circa 1909 w(2) Ada Waterhouse b.(?)  m. 29.9.1913  d.
Auckland University Alumni