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The Chinese have bee n in Hobson St for years.
At the boarding house, we provided a bed, bedding and three meals a day for the people who used to stay with us till they were able to tranship to
HAR GEE CHANS IN NEW ZEALAND The history of the Chans from Har Gee in New Zealand began with the arrival of the first men from the village in the
Chan Family
Zengcheng (Chinese: 增城; pinyin: Zēngchéng; Cantonese: Zang¹sing⁴), historically known as Tsengshing , is a County-level city in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. (Wiki)
One of at least 3 Chan Villages in Zengcheng. (Sa Chuen, Sun Gaai and Hargee)   Surname Chen2 is about 2700 years old.  Variations include Ch'en2 (Wade-Giles), Chin, Chan (Cantonese), Tan.   
Tien Sum - birth place of Ng Wah Kum
    When Kai Luey became National President in 2005 and earlier, I he was strongly advocating that NZCA should hold a bi-annual NZCA Youth Leadership Development Camp similar to the
A contemporary states that on Saturday afternoon a brutal assault was made on a Chinese fruiterer, named Wong Way Kee, carrying, carrying on business in Queen Street, Masterton. It appears