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At the boarding house, we provided a bed, bedding and three meals a day for the people who used to stay with us till they were able to tranship to
The first arrived in New Zealand between 1938 to 1941. This was the period where many women and children arrived to join their men folk here. Life was difficult for
A new book on the Joe Ah Chan history is being written by Wesley Ah Chan. Publishing hopefully by the end of the year.
Mooncake Event Albany House, 575 Albany Highway, Albany Village, Auckland Sunday 7 September 2014, 6:00pm – 9:00pm To build and energy of Chinese cultural awareness & connection in the Upper Harbour Community"
DEPARTURES Wanganella, Auckland for Sydney 2 February 1934,
Chinese Passengers / Shipping List Sydney to Auckland on SS Marama 22 October 1929.   Compiled from paper records at Auckland Archives.                  
Chinese Passengers / Shipping Lists incoming to Auckland 1930.  Compiled from paper records at Auckland Archives                            SS
HAR GEE CHANS IN NEW ZEALAND The history of the Chans from Har Gee in New Zealand began with the arrival of the first men from the village in the
Chan Kewl Ying 陳 橋 英
Yvonne Wong's account of her families immigrantion to New Zealand. The story was submitted to the NZCA Short Story Writing competition.