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A look at the different ways of finding things in the Chinese Digital Community.
How to link items and topics together in the Chinese Digital Community, to create webs of related material.
Details about how to register on the Chinese Digital Community.
Accessibility features of this website
The etiquette for users of the Chinese Digital Community.
A description of the overall Kete Project.
This group is for the Luey Hong Sul family. To join this group please send your request using the 'Contact Luey Hong Sul' link.    
'Memory Tea' is a short story by the junior category winner, Lucy Chen, of the 2008 Avondale College family story competition.
A replica of the Beijing Olympic sculpture DRAGON 2008 was installed in the central library in 2009
There have been many labels for the NZ born Chinese of my generation from “Ching Chong Chinaman” during my schooldays, to “Model Minority” during my working career, and then to