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Chan Family
Zengcheng (Chinese: 增城; pinyin: Zēngchéng; Cantonese: Zang¹sing⁴), historically known as Tsengshing , is a County-level city in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. (Wiki)
One of at least 3 Chan Villages in Zengcheng. (Sa Chuen, Sun Gaai and Hargee)   Surname Chen2 is about 2700 years old.  Variations include Ch'en2 (Wade-Giles), Chin, Chan (Cantonese), Tan.   
S Y C Vineyards - Thames. First Chinese commercial vineyard, started in the 1950s. In common with a few other producers of traditional fortified wines, Totara was left reeling by
29 September 2010: Helen Wong discusses oral history and memories of early Chinese fruiterers of K Road at Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland.
These files held at Auckland Archives date from 1886 to 1917. Most files contain two formal photographs, two copies of the Certificate of Registration, and a hand ruled sheet filled
A link to the papers of the Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons Conference
Carolyn King
A paper presented at the 2005 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Banana Conference by Eva Wong Ng at AUT on 4 June 2005.
Herbert Wong's account of the journey he took as a young child, from his war-torn Chinese hometown to settle in New Zealand. The story was submitted to the NZCA Short