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Specialists - Dept of Health 20 June 1988

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List of Specialists for the Purposes of the Drug Tariff and Health Benefits

Au, Kam-Tung, S/Gen

Chan, Suk Hung, Path

Chan, Tze George, Path

Chang, Alexander Russell, Path

Chau, Sun Sung, O/G

Cheng, Kiu Sing, S/Gen

Cheng, Po Chu. S/Gen

Cheung, Peter Tuen Keung, Psyc

Cheung, Wan, IM

Chin, Luk Sun, An

Ding, Leslie, Psyc

Fong, David Tay Sang, Rad/D

Fong, Ka Man, S/Or

Fong, Lillian Lai-lan. An

Fong, Raymond Path

Fung, David, Im

Ip, Siu-Yee Shirley, Cm

Kwok, Frank William, S/Oto

Lee, Jimmy Pui Keung, Rad/D

Lee, Joseph George Anthony, Oph

Lee, Peter, Im

Lee Sum Ping, Im

Liang, Allen Yee Lun, Paed

Liaw, Kim Hock, Im

Lim, Seong Ghee Christopher, O/G

Lim, Yong Teck, An

Lo, George Cho Chi, Im

Lo, Thomas, S/Oto

Low, Pek Soon, Rad/D

Lowe, Barry, O/G

Luey, Jeffery, An

Luey, Kevin, Im

Luey, William, Im

Lum, David Derrick, An

Mok, Pui Meng, Rad/D

Ong, Chong Eng, Im

Sew Hoy, Andrew Lindsay, O/Or

Siu, Kin Fan, Im

Tan, Bee lay, Rad/D

Tan, Leong Chick. S/Neu

Tan, Lip Jin Paul, Im

Tan, Swee Thong, Rad/D

Tan, Yok Kuang, Rad/T

Teoh, Hoon Heng, Path

Wong, Clarence Mong. Im

Wong, Gerald, An

Wong, Keith Stuart Christopher, Im

Wong, Min Loke, Im

Wong, Patrick Pak kwan, Cm

Wong, Sai Woh, Psyc

Wong Shee, Leslie, Rad/D

Yee, peter, An

Yee, Poleon, An

Yeong, Mee Ling, Path

Young, Wilson Wai Sang, CM


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