User manual

The Chinese Digital Community is a public website jointly produced by the NZ Chinese Association and Auckland Libraries for the Chinese people of New Zealand.

Because anyone and everyone can be part of this online community and contribute to the website, we have adopted the Creative Commons Licence to govern how material is used on the site. Please read our Terms and Conditions for further details.

The site contains the following items: images, topics, video, audio, documents (e.g. pdfs) and web links.

Anyone with an internet connection can upload content to the website in common file formats.

The topics on the site are akin to Wikipedia articles. They can collaboratively written and edited by members of the website (i.e. registered users). 

Any inappropriate content can be 'flagged' to the attention of the site administrators, who are authorised to remove the unsuitable material.

There are many ways to use the site:

  • Search, or browse through categories
  • Add new items
  • Write new topics
  • Register for RSS feeds to be notified of new items
  • Comment on and discuss items
  • Tag existing items with keyword search terms
  • Edit existing topics
  • Link existing items via topics
  • Link existing topics

>> See this slideshow for a step-by-step guide.

You can freely browse and see the contents of the site. However, you'll need to register to contribute and participate (e.g. write a topic, add a photo, comment, etc). This is a very simple procedure and we collect only the bare minimum information about you. Please read the Privacy Policy for further details.

Before you get started you should also read our House Rules.

User manual contents

The Chinese Digital Community wishes to acknowledge that the content on this page has been adapted from a similar page on Kete Horowhenua.