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Shipping List 1938 - 1939

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Shipping List - Refugee Chinese women and children, with some men folk, arrival to Auckland and Suva, via Sydney. Compiled From paper records held at the Auckland Archives - compiled by Helen Wong.

10/01/1938 Aorangi Vancouver, Suva Born    
Gock Kum Yen Mr 37 China    
Hong Sing Gock Mast 4 China    
17/01/1938 Awatea Sydney      
Lam Hong Mr 39 China Alien  
Sue Way 43 China Alien  
Fong  Yet Chung M 31 China Alien  
Wong Pak Wee M 28 China Alien  
Sin Tinko M 30 China Alien  
24/01/1938 Aorangi From Sydney        
Ding E J M 22 Australia    
Ding D F M 20 Australia    
Hong C M 54 Australia    
Hong C F 42 Australia    
Yee Kam Lin M 43 China To Fiji  
Tso  An Chong M 12 China To Fiji  
Chung  Chee Fui M 41 China To Fiji  
Wong Chau M 38 China To Fiji  
Fung Yat Lim M 33 China To Fiji  
Wong Leong M 44 China To Fiji  
Hee How Sing M 33 China To Fiji  
Chan Pui Foo M 41 China To Fiji  
Lau Son M 37 China To Fiji  
Kang Kee Tong M 42 China To Fiji  
Mar Chang Yuan F 43 China To Fiji  
Fang Liu Hui Min F 25 China To Fiji  
Fang You Ping M 6 China To Fiji  
George Houng Lee M 16 Fiji To Fiji  
Douglas  Houng Lee M 10 Fiji To Fiji  
Jeffery Houng Lee M 13 Fiji To Fiji  
7/02/1938 Monterey from Sydney        
Doo Thomas M 67 British Chinese    
Doo Unui F 63      
Doo Helen F 20      
Doo William M 21      
Doo Minnie F 19      
Kee Lue Moo F 29 China    
Kee Eileen f 7 China    
7/02/1938 Niagara from Sydney / Fiji      
Eng Shee Mrs 49 China    
Eileen Chan Miss 17 China    
Joyce Chan Miss 14 China    
Ruby  Chan Miss 10 China    
Lily Chan Miss 8 China    
Betty Chan Miss 4 China    
Gordon Chan Mast 4 China    
Shirley Chan Miss 2 China    
Dun Lai Chung Mrs 50 China    
Chan Wai Yen R Miss 14 China    
Chan Wai Yen E Miss 11 China    
Chan Wai Yen A Miss 10 China    
Chan Wai Yen I Miss 15 China    
Chan  Lit Chong M 47 China    
George Chan M 15 China    
Wong Chung Kun M 43 China    
Chung Hoi Leung M 41 China    
Wong Hing M 45 China    
Ng Yam Hong M 46 China    
Wong Seck Hung M 40 China    
Fong Noy Kwong M 34 China    
Ning Ping Yong M 33 China    
Chung Ham M 30 China    
Willie Wong M 30      
Wong  Ling M 63      
Ng Hoy Fong M 18      
Wong Moy Ge M 38      
Fong  Hong M 39      
Setoo Ah Wai M 39      
Ah Chong M 38      
Hook  War Jong M 42      
Ping King M 35      
6/03/1938 Aorangi Vancouver /Suva        
Ah Ping M 36 China Sydney  
Seeto Lean You M 66 China Sydney  
15/03/1938 Awatea from Sydney        
Ah On M 37      
Hek  Loong M 40      
Wong Pak Mr 31      
Wong Kwong Yeo M 11      
Kow Fong   8      
Chan Wing Kwong 26      
21/03/1938 Aorangi from Sydney        
Alex Wong Toi M 14 NZ    
Reginald  Wong Toi M 11 NZ    
Ching Hoo Gock Hanson M 56 British Chinese Fiji  
Gordon Gock Hanson M 17 British Chinese Fiji  
Ida Gock Hanson F 12 British Chinese Fiji  
Annie Gock Hanson F 14 British Chinese Fiji  
Wing Hoon Gock Honson M 15 British Chinese Fiji  
Wing Choy Gock Honson M 16 British Chinese Fiji  
Wing Tiy Gock Honson M 15 British Chinese Fiji  
Raymond Fong Sang M 17 British Chinese Fiji  
Laisin Fong Sang F   British Chinese Fiji  
Gock Kit M 25      
Lee Too M 35      
Gock Jong M 32      
Low Kut Chong M 51      
Kwong So Fong M 44      
Kwong Yu Sy f 43      
Kwong Po Chun M 15      
Kwong Pu Shu F 11      
Kwong Shang On F 14      
Kwong Wai Le F 2      
30/03/1938 Wangella from Sydney/Melbourne      
Ng Moo Jue M 10      
Ng Lo On M 11      
Ark Gan M 43      
Ng Chia M 47      
12/04/1938 Awatea From Sydney        
Lee Chow Yow M 47      
Chan Fook M 51      
Chung Wai Kum M 45      
Chung Wei Young M 38      
Lai Chee On M 46      
18/04/1938 Niagara From Sydney        
Fong Chan Mon M 30 China Fiji  
Fong Tong Shuk Chen F 27 China Fiji  
Fong Kin Mun M 14 China Fiji  
Fong Kai Shui M 6 China Fiji  
Wong York Lum M 26 China Fiji  
Wong  Yee Lai Yui F 26 China Fiji  
Wong Yee Chau F 1 China Fiji  
Tan Tsai M 14 China Fiji  
Tan To  M 17 China Fiji  
See To Cheung M 22 China Fiji  
Joe Woo M 46 China Fiji  
Lok Sam M 37 China Fiji  
Yee  Fong Wah M 45 China Fiji  
Ho Chong Yee M 66 China Fiji  
12/05/1938 Aorangi from Sydney        
Sen  Min M 45      
Chin Dang M 31      
Lam Chee Sam M 27 China Fiji  
Wong Lay M 35 China Fiji  
Wong Lee Wai Mon F 23 China Fiji  
Yip On M 22 China Fiji  
Young Sing Kee M 34 China Fiji  
Gock Low M 48 China Fiji  
Seeto Tam M 49 China Fiji  
Fong Sui Show 33 China Fiji  
Chan King Yu M 29 China Fiji  
Mar Kim M 56 China Fiji  
30/05/1938 Niagara from vancouver, Victoria, Honolulu, Suva    
Fong Mai Way M 40 China Suva to Sydney
Fong Yow Kai M 39 China Suva to Sydney
Fong  Yan M 68 China Suva to Sydney
Wong  Kee M 66 China Suva to Sydney
Lum Ah Wing M 40 China Suva to Sydney
6/06/1938 Awatea from Sydney        
Yuen Gan M 38      
9/06/1938 Niagara from Sydney        
Ah Chee Mrs A F 49      
Ah Chee Miss M F 10      
Lee Moy Mrs F 38      
Ah  Ben M 43      
Fong Wong M 32      
Lee Yun Cheung M 49      
Loo  You M 40      
Gee Ban M 31      
Chow Wong Shiu M 27   Sydney-Suva
Chow Wun Gong M 24   Sydney-Suva
Chung Hsuing Lai M 22   Sydney-Suva
Fong Kum Sung M 24   Sydney-Suva
Fong Apo Chong M 17   Sydney-Suva
Leung Chen Yin M 35   Sydney-Suva
Leung H M M 29   Sydney-Suva
Lum  Ung Kay Ha Mrs F 20   Sydney-Suva
Lee Fung M 21   Sydney-Suva
Lee Kee M 27   Sydney-Suva
Lee Shar Hang M 23   Sydney-Suva
Mow Kam Lee F 24   Sydney-Suva
Wong Way Hun Mrs F 22   Sydney-Suva
Yong M 32   Sydney-Suva
Young  Day M 38   Sydney-Suva
Young  Lum Chan M 27   Sydney-Suva
Young  Yuen Cho Yee F 20   Sydney-Suva
3/07/1938 Awatea Sydney to Auckland      
Wong Go Mr 53      
Shack Ing Mr 45      
8/07/1938 Monterey Suva to Auckland to Honululu    
Chu Yook  Mr 51      
Chu Kum Tse Miss 21      
11//7/1938 Aorangi Sydney to Auckland      
Gock Keong Mr 44      
Wong Charlie Mast 13      
Wong George Mr 15      
Ah Wee Mr 50      
Chan Ah Dow   25      
Fong Tung Mr 55      
Fong Wing Shin Mr 53      
Fong Yick Kim Mr 31      
Ah Wai Mr 36      
Ming Gong Mr 60      
Auckland to Suva          
Gock Kui Po Chun Mr 23      
Gock Lin Choy Mast 3      
Lo Tung Nin Lee Mrs 37      
Sieh Chan Shee Mrs 38      
Gock So Mr 52      
Lee Fook Hee Mr 24      
Yee Gow  Mr 29      
Yee Land Mr 38      
Lum Kee Mr 49      
Lee Chew Sou Mr 26      
Yee Hoy Kee Mr 32      
Yee Wah Fat Mr 21      
Sieh Hsuei Ming Mr 16      
Lo Poy Shib Mr 16      
Gock Kong Mr 33      
Chung Yip Shee Mrs        
Chung  Hing Young Mr 20      
Gock Way Fong Mr 21      
Pand Fong Mr 27      
Loy Poy Tung Mast 14      
Sieh Hsuei Chang Mast 14      
17/08/1938 Wanganella          
Et Ming Chia Mr 29      
Et Ming Chia Mrs 26      
21/08/1938 Aorangi Vancouver to Suva Fiji      
Chun T Mr        
2/09/1938 Monterey to Suva          
Gock Poy C Mr        
5/09/1938 Aorangi Sydney to Suva Did not stop in Auckland    
Cheet Lum   38      
Fu Hwang   27      
Fou Yuen Chung   47      
Hong Wang   29      
13/09/1938 Wanganella to Auckland        
Lee Shee Sang Mr 40      
Wong  Poi Tong Mr 37      
Lee Oy Ling Mr 43      
Ah Shee   Mr 43      
Chang Chan Gin Mr 11      
3/10/1938 Niagara Sydney to Auckland      
Nomchong A Mr 43 Australian    
Nomchong I Mrs 36 Chinese Australian  
Wong Ching Kong   55      
Wong King   40      
Kwong Tzye Kai   58      
Wong Cheuk Wai   11      
12/10/1938 Wanganella Sydney to Auckland      
Siu Chu Yun Mr 51      
Wing Sun Mr 32      
31/10/1938 Aorangi Sydney to Auckland      
Hon Lam Qui Mr 61      
Ki Kwong Chung Mr 46      
Mook Hong Mr 50      
Tsan Lim Mr 37      
Ting Sun Mr 58      
Wah Quen Mr 50      
Yum Kong Mr 62      
9/11/1938 Wanganella Sydney to Auckland      
Yook Tong Mr 37      
Yip Jim Ying Mr 40      
Ng Hoy Bor   14      
Wong King Mr 28      
Chow Wai Tim   58      
14/11/1938 Monterey Melbourne - Via Ports      
Sung Chan Ying   43      
28/11/1938 Niagara          
Seto Ah When Mr 36      
Sue Fo Wom Kwai Mr 67      
10/07/1939 Monowai Sydney to Auckland Third Class    
Ng Fung Mrs 42      
Fung Voilet Miss 9      
Fung Ernest Chang Mast 13      
King Lun Miss 13      
Lan Churk Gee Mr  15      
Chan Voy Ying Mrs 45      
Wong Kan Foon Mrs 21      
Chen Chick Kwang   28      
Chen Chick Kwang Mrs        
Hen Kin Kai Mast 6      
Chung Chong Jang   55      
Fong Way   26      
Fong Tong Yam   28      
Leong Yan   41      
Chan Fat Fai Mast 8      
28/07/1939 Awatea Sydney to Auckland      
Ng Fong Mr 27      
Ng Foon Hing Mr 15      
7/08/1939 Aorangi Sydney to Auckland Third Class    
Fong J Mr 14      
Yee L S  Mrs 50      
Sen F Mr 72      
Hum W L Mr 48      
Hin Young Hoy C K Mr 31      
Lan K Mr 42      
Shee L Y  Mrs 28      
Yin L L Mast 8      
Woo K J Mast 11      
Hoi K P Mast 9      
Ying K L M Mrs 21      
Ping A Mr 37      
Hoong F K  Mr 28      
Lee E K H Mrs 40      
Soon Y T  Mast 11      
Yuen Y T  Mast 11      
Fong S M Mast 11      
Tung F Mr 36      
Yow L H Mr 37      
Shee L S  Mrs 35      
Yeh L A Mr 15      
21/08/1939 Monowai Vancouver to Auckland      
Wong Kui Mong Mr 50 aka Kwai Mong    
        Third Class    
Chan Him Mr 32      
Chung Tai Hong Mr 38      
Chon Kong Mr 35      
Tom Tip Mr 45      
Lui Sang Mr 51      
Pang Tong Mr 36      
Tsang Wah Mr 25      
Wong  Kam Ki Mr 27      
3/09/1939 Niagara Sydney to Auckland Third Class    

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Wong Low See Mrs 56 aka Wong Chee Kee  
Cheung May Hen Mrs 38      
Cheung Day Kee Mast 8      
Ng Low Shee Mrs 40      
Chung  Hop Ying Mrs 37      
Chung  Fong Kee Miss 11      
Chung  Fung King Miss 7      
Chung  Hoy Kwun Mast 5      
Kwong Wong You Tai Mrs 28      
Kwok How Jing Miss 6      
Wong Tung Har Mrs 38      
Chan Wong Wah Yue Mrs 33      
Chan Hong Leong Mast 9      
Wong Louis On Kee Mr  41      
Chan Kwok Hong  Mr 39      
Sum  Chao Sie Mrs 42      
Sum  To Mast 10      
Sum  Sam Miss 8      
Yet See Loy  Mrs 32      
Lum Shou Ching Mast 11      
Lum Shoy Ying Miss 7      
28/09/1939 Maunganui Sydney to Auckland      
Chow Wing Bew Mr 42      
Leung M Cheung Mr 52      
16/10/1939 Monterey Melbourne to Auckland      
Fan Tai   22 Sydney to China  
Sang Chu   26 Sydney to China  
30/10/1939 Niagara Sydney to Auckland Cabin Class    
Gee  Sing Mr 44 China    
Ng Hong Mr 35 China    
Ng Hong Mrs 32 China    
Ng Ah Yung Miss 7 China    
Ng Yook Tong Mrs 32 China    
Kwan Lee Shee Mrs 38 China    
Kwan Yun Kao Miss 10 China    
        Third Class    
Lou Ng Shee Mrs 36 China    
Lou Kong Chin Mast 7 China    
Ng Fook Yung Mrs 43 China    
Ng Nam Tsai Mast 8 China    
Ng Mo Ching Miss 11 China    
Ng Kit Ching Miss 10 China    
Ng Wong Kam Sun Mrs 35 China    
Ng Poy Foo Mast 11 China    
Wong Lai Too Miss 4 China    
Ng Chung Bui Mast 2 China    
Ng Wong Ner Mrs 34 China    
Ng Yue Yoon Mast 8 China    
Ng Ling Moon Mrs 32 China    
Ng Koon Yung Miss 7 China    
Ng Chee Kwun Mast 5 China    
Ng Fun Gee Mast 12 China    
Ah Gun Mr 48 China    
Moo  Chee   Mr 52 China    
Fong Daisy Miss 20 China    
Kin Gide Mast 14 China    
Lee Lum Mr 41 China    
Low Way Mr 42 China    
10/10/1939 Westralia Sydney to Auckland      
 Newspaper  Report below          
Chun Chung Shee Mrs 32      
Chan Bing Haak Mast 4      
Chan Lo Joy Miss 3      
Ng  Choy King Mrs 28      
Bow Chang Chung Miss 2      
Chui Hoa Mrs 22      
Kum Chor Mrs 40      
Wong  Kit Mr  20      
Low Shew Bow Mrs 43      
Jing  Kong Bow Mast 6      
Oil Lin Bow Miss 8      
Hong Joak Ping Mrs 27      
Chan Yoi Shing Mast 6      
Chan Geung Shing Miss 4      
Kum Chor   Mrs 40      
Lay Jung   Mrs 28      
Juey Chong   Mast 7      
Yuk Shong   Miss 3      
Wong  Gin Mrs 35      
Wong  Len Mast 5      
Wong  Daphne Miss 6      
Q Tue Ling Mast 8      
Quan  Foon Ling Miss 11      
Ching Shing Lee Mrs 63      
27/11/1939 Aorangi Sydney to Auckland Cabin Class    
Shack Men Hing Mrs 35      
Shack Toe Percy Mast 1      
Shack Toe Margaret Miss 5      
Shack Toe Nancy Miss 2      
Yep Mee Hong Mrs 38      
Lum  Cheok Kwan Mast 9      
Chang Chan Shee Mrs 40      
Chang Soong On Mast 4      
Chung Bing She Mast 9      
Leung Sheung Chan Mr  35      
Lum  Margaret Mrs 27      
Lum  Donald Joe Mast 9      
        Third Class    
Gun  Hoon  Mr 14      
Loo Chan She  Mrs 25    
Loo Lan Miss 1    
Jung Wong She Mrs 40      
Jung  Git Fong Miss 4      
Chung Shiu Kam Mast 9      
Wong Chong Kid Mr 65      
Wong Leung Kue  Mr 55      
Wong Hong Mr 35      
Chun  Jok Chow Mr 59      
Fong Wan Noon Mr 38      
Wing Hop Mrs 39      
King Ming Mast 14      
Wong She Low Mrs 26      
Low Bo Sun Mrs 26 aka    
Ng Chan Shee Mrs 36      
Ng Noon Jay Mast 8      
Ho Show She Mrs 36      
Ho Bek Won Miss 11      
Low Leonard Mast 10      
Kwan Koon Kee Mast 13      

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Shipping List 1938 - 1939

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