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Chinese Sunday School 1933

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Copy of letter sent to Mr and Mrs Mawson. The original letter is held in the Presbyterian archives. It was handwritten in pencil, and a photocopy is barely legible. Each child signed their name.

                                                                         43, Cook Street


                            October 22nd 1933

Dear Mr and Mrs. Mawson,
The members of the Chinese Sunday School are glad to say that during the past years we have done our best to make a weekly collection and we have now over £3-0-0. We are very pleased to send the amount of £2-0-0 to Mrs. Mawson and ask her to prepare some Christmas presents with money for our members. When Mrs. Mawson has time to buy these presents for us, we shall be glad if she would let us know, as we would like two or three of our members to go with her.
We are forwarding the £2-0-0 to Mr Chan’s office, and the next time he visits you, he will bring this to you. We shall be glad if you would give Mr Chan a receipt for this amount.
Last year could not read Chinese, but this year most of us are able to write our own name and the name of our family in Chinese. Some of our members could not speak Chinese very well, but this year we feel that we have made an improvement and are able to speak it much more easily.
Kindest regards
Yours sincerely
The Chinese Sunday School Members
Dorothy Bing             
Peter Wong
Annie Wong
Gladys Bing
Jeannie Doo
Ian Bing
Thomas Wong Doo
Graham Bing
Sam Wong
Harry Fong
Tommy Fong
Hilda Fong

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Chinese Sunday School 1933

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