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Parnell Year of the Monkey Exhibition

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Artists and celebrities create monkey business in Parnell.

Various artists and celebrities have joined in the fun to create a range of soulful and mischievous monkeys, which will soon be on the loose in Parnell in celebration of the incoming Chinese Year of the Monkey to honour the Chinese community in Auckland.

Over 30 life-sized monkey art pieces will be on display in galleries and select retailers in Parnell. Artist Alvin Xiong, best know for his light installtions has created a monkey he has called ‘The Awaken Monkey Knight’. In this project, he has tried to be as playful as the monkey, integrating elements from the movie Star Wars, with the face and the light bulb reminding him of master Yoda in the movie. The monkey has been painted with a special paint, which is glows in the dark, so the energy from the monkey’s light saber gives the space a special atmosphere.

Wei Lun Ha on the other hand was initially captivated by the details on the monkey and was stunned how fragile it looked. He has called his monkey ‘Elegantly Fragile’, illustrating his monkey with a Chinese porcelain theme, to connect to his roots and  the idea of his heritage being a fragile treasure to keep in the arts. Motifs of the chrysanthemum and Chinese symbols are extended around the sculpture as a link to the year of the Monkey.

Parnell Inc’s inaugural Chinese New Year event will be held 6 - 21 February.

The exhibition of life sized monkey art pieces will showcase over the two weeks in various locations in Parnell before being auctioned for charity. During the exhibition period, patrons will be able to make silent auction bids.

Using the intelligence and clever wit of the monkey, Parnell Road will put on a colourful display of as many monkeys and monkey-themed ideas as it can possibly find space for. Other Parnell shops, cafés and restaurants will showcase monkeys in a variety of ways, from merchandise to menu options, window displays and other creative surprises.

Children and families can join in the fun by finding the Mighty Ape monkeys and entering a competition to win a $1,000 voucher to spend at Mighty Ape.

Saturday 13 February, excitement will build with 2 performances by a Lion Dance Troupe in Heard Park.

The Year of the Monkey celebration will conclude with the auction for the Starship Foundation  - National Air Ambulance Service at Webb’s auction house on the 12th March.

This is an event not to be missed!  Local and international visitors alike will be enthralled with the artists’ creations, the colours and visual feast during Chinese Year of the Monkey celebrations in Parnell.

For more info please go to parnell.net.nz

Working in cooperation with ATEED, who will be staging the annual Lantern Festival at the Domain this year, this is set to be an annual signature event for Parnell, for two weeks each February. 

Parnell Inc Monkey Exhibition by Parnellinc

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Parnell Year of the Monkey Exhibition

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